Roof Installation

When your home requires a quality roof installation in Sarasota, FL, the workmanship and affordable prices of Sarasota Manatee Roofing meets all of your needs. Plus, new customers are entitled to a 10% discount toward the cost of any type of work, even installing a new roof.


Asphalt Roof Installation: The Economical Choice

As a complete roofing contractor, we can install asphalt roofing for your home. Because of the affordability, durability and color variety of these three-tab shingles, they are the most common kind of roofing material. Our roofing technicians will first remove your existing roof, before installing the shingles in an overlapping pattern to protect your roof from the rain and wind.


Metal Roof Installation: A New Look For Your Roof

Though many customers prefer a durable metal roof, they do not like the look of the corrugated panels. By offering all the latest styles for a metal roof installation, we can make the roof look like clay, wood or stone at a lower cost than the actual materials. If you’d prefer, our roofing technicians can also install metal roofing that resembles shingles, slate, tile and shakes. A metal roof installation is the perfect blend of durability (lasting 50 years), style, color and texture.


Shingle Roof Installation: Traditional, Architectural or Speciality

Opt for shingle roof installation for your home when it is time for a roof installation. Shingles are available in three varieties—traditional, architectural and speciality. The traditional variety is the three-tab shingles that you can see across many rooftops. Architectural or laminated shingles have a dimensional quality that can be quite dramatic. Specialty shingles include a number of different shapes and textures to make it more attractive. The common feature of all shingles is a textured look that protects your home from the elements.


With more than 20 years of experience, our roofing company works with residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Sarasota, Venice, Siesta Key, North Port, Longboat Key, Fruitville, Bradenton, Ospreay, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss home equity-based financing options to help pay for the roof installation.